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Plasticate bibpants


Product Name: Plasticate bibpants
Protects the front of the body and legs of a person

Complies with standards: EN 1073-2; EN 1149; EN 13034; EN 343 ; EN 340;

Complies with Technical Regulations:

 "TR of TC" 019/2011 "On the safety of personal protective equipment"

Analog: "GOST" 12.4.217-2001;

"GOST": 12.4.239-2007;

"GOST": 12.4.240-2007;

Degree of protection: from radioactive contamination.

EN ISO 13688 EN ISO 13688 

Protective Clothing. General requirements.

EN 343 EN 343 

Protective Clothing. Protection against rain.

EN 1149-5 EN 1149-5 

Protective Clothing. Electrostatic properties.

EN 13034 EN 13034 

Protective Clothing. Protection against liquid chemicals. Type VI and PB (6).

   EN 1073-2 

Protective clothing against radioactive contamination



It is made on the basis of trousers with a breastplate to the neck and with straps on the back. The bottom of the trousers, belt and straps are pulled together by an elastic band. Non-plastic materials (including elastic tape), accessories, etc. are completely welded into the plastic and do not come out to the surface of the product.

A distinctive feature of such protective clothing is the high deactivatability: from 5 to 20 cycles of decontamination.

After decontamination, only a few grams of waste are subject to disposal.

Safety clothing are made of UVR  plasticate which do not support combustion, self-extinguish, retain antistatic properties after multiple deactivation and resistant to radiation. PPE made of plastic are worn over the main clothes and shoes, protects against water, fumes, chemically aggressive substances, general industrial contamination of the body part and basic clothing and footwear of the worker.

The seams are made by the method of monolithic welding, due to which the products have the highest seam strength  for tearing: 15 MPa at a temperature of + 20 ° С, even after 20 cycles of decontamination.

The surface of the products can be covered with an additional layer to enhance the deactivation properties.

It is intended to use mainly at nuclear industry enterprises, mining and processing enterprises of uranium ore and nuclear waste disposal.

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